You’ve been abducted to the new planet Bosko & Honey…

We thought it’s about time we updated the look of our website to compliment the release of our new album.

But if you’re looking for content from our old website you can still get there by selecting old website at the bottom of this page.

So please have a look around – we’d appreciate any feedback and please feel free to say G’day in the comments or by using the contact form.

All the best to you, and may the universe provide!

Bosko & Honey

4 thoughts on “NEW SITE!
  1. Congrats on your new CD and website; When 1st seeing the cover art, thought it was an alien flipping the bird. Then thought, naw, couldn’t be an alien love-in. Love seeing all the passion you folks put into your creation. Best wishes and hope a US tour happens in the near future.

    • Thank you so much Mr. ElbowSanchez! And thank you for helping us see if this comment stuff works properly 😉
      Touring the USA is a definite “really wanna do” … hopefully this new album/website/video clip makes a US festival say: “we MUST have these guys!”
      Really appreciate your ongoing support!
      All the bestest,

  2. Met you at the Carins Uke festival a couple of years ago.
    Very interested in your 5 string concert uke. Any idea where I can get one? Is it custom made?

    • Hi Lenore!
      It’s Bosko here… Thanks for dropping by!
      Yes, my 5-string concert uke was made by local Cairns luthier Allen McFarlen of Barron River Guitars.
      I’ve written about our ukes and other gear here and you can contact Allen via his website here
      His instruments are exquisite!
      I hope that helps, and all the best!

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