Bosko & Honey…

Conspiring on unique home-grown sounds since 2005.

Image © Peter Solness 2016

A Light Painting by Peter Solness Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved

Described as “funny, irreverent, theatrical and virtuosic”, quirky and even subversive… this dynamic duo’s wildly entertaining yet mesmerisingly musical live performance is a breath of fresh air that’s likely to get you naturally high!
Equally at home doing a kid’s show, an art event, getting down with the folk and roots scene or rocking a metal fest – Bosko & Honey’s genre-surfing style will warm your heart, make you laugh and shock you to the core!

Photo: Michael Heaton

Bosko & Honey Live @ BrisAsia 2016 Photo: Michael Heaton

Based in the tropical rainforests of Kuranda in Australia’s Far North Queensland, this self-described prog-uke duo first came to the attention of wider audiences with their Ukulele Love-In YouTube videos and the ground-breaking Ukulele Safari travel video projects. Bosko & Honey have released four albums since they began touring in 2007 and recently took home the People’s Choice Award at the 2015 Understory Film Festival for their music video, “Another Day In Paradise”.

Bosko & Honey at Ellis Beach FNQ

In 2016 they made it to the Finals of Australia’s Got Talent, somehow managing to blow the judge’s minds in the Judge’s Audition yet totally freak them out in the Semi Finals, which is where Bosko & Honey’s foray into Talent Show TV came to a screeching and somewhat humiliating halt!
But not before Kelly Osbourne declared:
” I just wanna say that I love you both… I am so obsessed with you I want you to open up for my dad for the rest of his touring life.”

Bosko & Honey are also known for putting their heart and soul into ambitious projects and events that bring people together through music. Whether it be touring the world and Australia on Ukulele Safari or hosting the now legendary Underhouse concert series beneath their home in Kuranda, these guys are always labouring love on some crazy scheme or another! Most recently they hosted Ukulele BBQ Kuranda 2015, a two-day multi-venue and multi-act community music festival.

Bosko & Honey Live @ MUF 2015 Photo: Maurizio Salvati

Bosko & Honey Live @ CCUF 2016, The Entrance NSW Photo: Ben Collier