“… polished professionals…”
– Bob Beale, Sydney Morning Herald

“Really entertaining”
– Azo Bell

– Mic Conway

“Funny, irreverent, theatrical, virtuosic… Bosko & Honey blew the roof off… Fusing ukulele, theatre and great songwriting, you really need to see these guys live to appreciate their awesomeness… Miss them at your own peril”

– Todd Macalpine, Pandamonium Records

“… the Far North’s best ukulele performers”

– Sam Davis, ABC Far North Queensland

“… ever-subversive”
– Andree Stephens, The Cairns Post

“Bosko & Honey… blew my mind. Literally.”

– Ukulele Russ, Alaska

“… top-shelf entertainers brimming with exuberance and verve. You wouldn’t be surprised to see them in New York, Paris or Sydney… the timing and moves of seasoned actors…. a formidable range of moods and musical styles, and each one is a fully realised story performed with gusto and impeccable timing. But it’s the sheer musicality, the level of their playing that astounds. How can 8 strings and two voices conjure up so much?”
– Gawain Barker, NQ Music Press

“Death metal meets tiny bubbles”
“I just wanna say that I love you both. I love that you took this to paradise and then you took me to bed. I am so obsessed with you I want you to open up for my dad for the rest of his touring life.”
– Kelly Osbourne