A mini-reflection on AGT and thanks!

We’ve had quite a ride this past few months and now we’re on the other side of it all…

Firstly we’d like to thank you all for the incredible amount of interest, support and love coming our way from all over… existing friends and fans, new ones, ukulele friends and fellow performers… but especially we’d like to thank the people of Kuranda and the greater local region for coming out and getting behind us… we’re very moved and it’s hard to explain exactly how much that means to us. Love and thanks to you all!


We have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Australia’s Got Talent, (especially in relation to our Judge’s Audition performance) and despite the discomfort we felt at our role and depiction in the semi-finals, we totally appreciate the need for production narrative, and also agree that “Tuck Me In” was not the most strategic song choice… but, as many of our fans said to us, it would be a missed opportunity not to have done it!

It was never our intention to win, merely to say yes to the opportunity and the unknown and be ourselves within it as much as possible.
That said, had we by some miracle been voted through to the Grand Final, we’d have shown them another side of Bosko & Honey… that’s for sure!
Thank you to every single person who spent good money at .55c per text/phone call in support of us!

All in all we are relieved, happy with our performances and grateful at the exposure this whole weird happening has granted us.


We went into this with open eyes and any regret and embarrassment we may feel at times is well and truly outweighed by the fun, experience, connections and contacts we’ve managed to enjoy along the way!

B&H Sukhjit

So… no matter what the future brings as a consequence of our involvement with AGT, we’re very grateful to have had the opportunity and to have been shown such support!

Bunny Makeup

Thanks again!

Love & Peace,
Bosko & Honey