Bosko and Honey are available to conduct ukulele workshops for your club, group or festival.
Online versions will soon be available. Please Contact Us for more information.
Below is a description of two of our most popular workshops.

MUF 2015 - Photo: Maurizio Salvati

MUF 2015 – Photo: Maurizio Salvati

Hot Strumming (All Levels)
40-60 minutes

Amaze yourself with your ability to learn some serious “Hot Strumming” techniques, including Bosko’s take on the classic yet elusive “Fan Stroke Triplet”.
Plus, Honey will teach you the incredible “Güiro Strum”, a technique that will transform any song into a Latin Percussion dance party!

The C-A-G-F-D System of Moveable Chord Shapes (All Levels)
40-60 minutes

Bosko will guide you through this very useful and logical system for understanding the ukulele fretboard. Discover how knowledge of 15 basic chord shapes will enable you to work out every Major, Minor and Dominant 7 chord in existence. You will then be able to play each of these chords in 5 different positions along the ukulele neck! All without recourse to a chord book!

Workshop Handouts

Here are the Downloadable PDFs of the handouts we use in the above workshops:
(These are intended for use by people who have already attended the relevant workshop and are not self-explanatory)

Hot Strumming



The C-A-G-F-D System