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Tuck Me In

(Words and music by Bosko & Honey)

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I’m sleepy and I want to go to bed
My eyelids meet, scattered thoughts inside my head
Still awake it seems you’ll stay up all night long
For the sake of thinking, drinking in the bright moonlight
But before we part and dream our dreams alone,
Just come over here my beauty, it’s your duty

Tuck! Tuck! Tuck! Tuck me in!

Nice and tight
It’s gotta last all night
Make sure you cover the feet
With those nice clean sheets
Tuck it in at the sides
And right up to the neck
A little rub on the tummy now
And a pat on the head

Tuck me! Tuck me! Tuck me! Tuck me! Tuck me in!

You tucked me in so tight that I can’t move at all
You put my laptop on my tummy to keep me warm
Even though it feels so nice and tight and warm
I forgot to go to the loo
And I really need to

Tuck me in again! Tuck me in again…