Ukulele BBQ Kuranda #5

Ukulele BBQ Kuranda is all go, and this year it’s a bit bigger!

In response to the Cairns Ukulele Festival cancelling, we, the Kuranda Amphitheatre and the Honey & Spice crew are banding together to put on an “almost-festival” to be held on the first weekend of July.
That’s Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of July 2015.

There will be plenty of local community ukulele groups as well as artists and guests from further afield…
including AJ Leonard & Jenny Rowlands (Melbourne) and the original Australian ukulele adventurer, Rose Turtle Ertler

There will be free and ticketed concerts, lots of workshops, plenty of open mic, and of course, the traditional gourmet BBQ prepared by the Honey & Spice crew!

All the details are here and if you’re on Facebook, respond to the event here.

If you wanna attend, be involved, offer support or want to perform, please Contact Us!

4 thoughts on “Ukulele BBQ Kuranda #5
  1. Dear Bosko and Honey:
    I love u guys. Your YouTube videos inspire me each day. If you guys do another Uke Tour to the US, please be my guest in Greenville, SC. You will find the music scene between Greenville,SC and Asheville, NC very cool. Please continue to inspire and rock the Uke world. Sincerely, Scotty Taylor

    • Hello Scotty,
      We can’t think of anything we’d like more than to return to the USA! Hopefully one of these years!
      Thank you so much for your kind words and invitation – we’ll be sure to look you up when the time comes 🙂
      All the best,

  2. Hi Guys

    We will be in your area around July 2016 and hoping you are having another ‘barbecue’. Can you please advise if this is an annual event and if so what are the 2016 dates.

    • Hi there Hazel!
      Thank you for making contact and your interest in the Ukulele BBQ!
      Unfortunately we don’t have any plans for a ukulele event this year.
      In the past the BBQ has been an informal gathering after the Cairns Ukulele Festival, but last year we made it a larger event due to the cancellation of CUF… This year CUF is back on but they’ve moved the date. We’ll reassess the need for another local event for 2017 and certainly inform people via our mailing list, here and on Facebook if we decide to go ahead in 2017.
      Thanks again for your interest!
      All the best,

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